Value Plus is proud to offer Sea Freight services at competitive rates per cubic meter (CBM). We specialize in shipping goods to our state-of-the-art Free Trade Zone in Kyangombe Syokimau, Kenya, conveniently accessible via the SGR. With branches strategically located in Mombasa, Nairobi, Nakuru, Eldoret, Kampala, and Dar es Salaam, our customers can easily collect their goods from any of these East African locations.

In addition to our Sea Freight services, Value Plus provides a range of supplementary offerings. We understand the importance of proper packing for the safety of goods during transit and storage. If your supplier is unable to provide adequate packing, our expert team at our origin office can assist. We also handle documentation and cargo reception directly from the vessel, ensuring a swift turnaround at the port of Mombasa.


Area: 375m2
Monthly rent: $3,062.5
Forklift rental per 4 hour period: $75

Not included: Water, electricity, internet data, and warehouse security guards.
Lease Terms: Rent payable 1 year in advance - Lease term 5 years - Security deposit: 3 months rent

The above rates are EXCLUSIVE of VAT charges.
Subject to 10% increments after 2 years within the ongoing lease


Duty Free Office Display and Distribution space

Area: 100m2
Monthly rent: $1,558
Service Charge  15%
Sectoral Charge  20%


Our comprehensive services extend to arranging temporary storage, coordinating surveys, load plans, and road movement permits for out-of-gauge (OOG) cargo. With our dedicated support and real-time tracking of trucks through our in-house GPS system, we guarantee seamless transportation to your warehouse. Additionally, our fully equipped office at the Malaba border and partner offices in Uganda ensure efficient resolution of any issues related to truck crossings and transit bonds, extending our services to Juba, Rwanda, and the Congo border.

At Value Plus, our primary objective is to provide tailored logistical solutions to our clients, ensuring smooth transportation to their final destinations from the Port of Mombasa. As part of our commitment to personalized service, we offer a dedicated clearing and forwarding service, giving our customers peace of mind. Unlike other companies, we maintain direct control over the transportation of cargo by utilizing our own trucks, loaded with goods cleared by East Global Logistics Kenya Ltd. This approach eliminates the need for subcontracting to third parties, guaranteeing efficient and reliable service every step of the way



Embakasi, Kyangombe – Opp SGR Operations Section 8